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Hi, I am a robot helping fodmappers and their local health team. I learned about FODMAP from the publications of national centers of expertise, reputable blogs, and from the users and qualified dietitians that interact with me and with Elysr. And I teach it forward. I want to facilitate collaboration between people following a Low FODMAP Diet and their local health team - where, when and in the manner it is most needed. Because we should all have time and strength to live life to the fullest! Send me a private message on Facebook to get started!What is fodmap?The research team at Monash University has developed a therapeutic diet to control gastrointestinal symptoms associated with IBS/FGID focusing on a group of carbohydrates called FODMAPs. The diet has been published in several renowned medical journals and its efficacy was confirmed by clinical trials in several countries [1]. It is now recommended as one of the most effective diet therapy for IBS/FGID. The Low FODMAP diet is not suitable for the general public who do not have a functional gastrointestinal disorder. [1] Nanayakkara WS, Skidmore PM, O’Brien L, Wilkinson TJ, Gearry RB. Efficacy of the low FODMAP diet for treating irritable bowel syndrome: the evidence to date. Clinical and Experimental Gastroenterology. 2016;9:131-142. doi:10.2147/CEG.S86798.

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